10 Types Of Foods Patients With Kidney Stones Can’t Eat

kidney stone

Formation of kidney stones has a great relationship with the diet, so if you want to alleviate the condition, be sure to start taboos. So what types of food cannot eat for patients with kidney stones? Many food can increase the seriousness of your disease, such as spicy food, acid foods, high calcium foods and so on. So today let us find out how these foods affect your health.

1. Spicy food

Patients with kidney stones should ensure that the diet should be light. Only by doing this, then you can better prevent the onset of kidney stones. In addition to the light diet, you should also pay attention to try to eat less spicy foods, such as pepper, chili, etc. These foods are not good for patients to control the disease. In particular, some spicy, greasy, exciting food, these foods should be always treat as patient’s taboo.

2. Greasy food

Patients should also pay attention to eating fewer meat or fish, such as beef, lamb and other foods, these foods contain large amounts of protein which is also not conducive to the health of patients. In addition it should also limit the intake of other meats, especially some animal organs, so as not to add heavier burden on the kidneys.

In addition to animal offal, it should also avoid as well as fat, porcine, chicken, octopus, fish, shrimp, cocoa, coffee, etc., some of these food contain irritating ingredients which is quite easy to increase the patient’s condition, and even induce hydronephrosis and uremia.

3. Purine foods

If you have excessive consumption of purine-rich foods, which will cause purine metabolic disorders and oxalate will deposit in urinary to form stones. These types food include animal organ, seafood, peanuts, beans, spinach and so on.

4. Beans

Legumes such as soy, including soy beans, green beans and black beans are rich in protein, which can greatly help the formation of kidney stones, so try to avoid eating too much of these types of food

5. Food rich in oxalic acid

Patients should also avoid eating more foods containing oxalic acid, otherwise it will increase kidney burden, as well as cause serious impact on the treatment of kidney stones and recovery. In particular, some patients with more serious symptoms should avoid eating foods contain oxalic acid in order to effectively control the disease.

There are many foods rich in oxalic acid, such as spinach, celery, wild rice, lettuce, etc. These foods for patients with kidney stones is undoubtedly quick ending. Therefore patients should be pay more attention on these food.

6, Food contain high calcium

Patients with kidney stones can be said “they fear to smell milk”, even drinking a little bit of dairy products is likely to cause onset of disease and even out of control. Therefore, experts advise these patients should eat appropriate dairy products, it is best not to eat. This is due to a variety of dairy products contain a lot of calcium, which is the leading cause of patient pathogenesis..

Such as shrimp, milk, seaweed, milk, etc. These foods are all taboo foods of patient. There are some more salty foods and foods high in vitamin d, patients should also control consumption of them

7. Taboo fruit

Patients with kidney stones should be noted that not all fruits are fit for consumption, such as some fruits contain oxalic acid should not be eaten, like grapes, dried figs, nuts and so on. In addition, some of acidic fruit also cannot be eaten, like apples, oranges and so on. For some patients with relatively mild symptoms, although these fruits are edible but you must be more careful, otherwise it is also not conducive to disease control and recovery.

8, High-protein food

Protein contains glycine and hydroxyproline which are the essential component of oxalic acid, and protein can also promote intestinal calcium absorption. If you often have excessive consumption of high-protein food, they will increase the amount of calcium, oxalate, uric acid component in kidneys and urinary. Such as milk, eggs, milk, fish and other foods are rich in protein, you should always eat less these food.

9. Wine

Patients should always try to drink less as much as possible, the excessive alcohol consumption is likely to cause kidney stones. Drinking will cause disturbances in a series of vivo metabolism, increasing the incidence of stones after jamming vivo environment. Therefore, alcohol is one of dangerous beverage you should avoid.

10. Sugar

Try to limit intake of carbohydrates. Intake of high-sugar foods will increase chances of developing kidney stones, therefore, you should always pay attention to eating sweets. Experts found that, regardless of normal people or patients with stones, after the consumption of 100 g of sucrose and two hours later, they can find the increased oxalic acid concentrations and calcium in the urine. If they take lactose, which can better promote the absorption of calcium,it tends tobe more easier to lead to accumulation of calcium and oxalate in the body and thus promote the formation of urinary stones. As a result, patients with kidney stones should always keep away from sugar.

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