10 Natural Source Of Vitamin C


Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients for our body. It is water soluble, which means that we cannot retain it. When we excrete water through sweat or urine, vitamin C gets thrown away too. And unlike many other mammals, our body does not make vitamin C by itself. That’s why we have to consume it repeatedly through our diet.

This nutrient has numerous benefits for our body. It is essential for most of the enzymes related reactions in our body. It thus helps create collagen and crinitine, which help in converting stored fat into energy. This makes it very important for those who are trying to lose the unwanted fat. It also helps our body heal and repair itself. Vitamin C can be very helpful in maintaining and even improving the strength of bones and teeth. It also increases our body’s ability to absorb the iron in the food. On top of all that, the most important benefit of this nutrient is as an anti-oxidant.

Free radicals are very bad for our body. They speed up the aging effects by making our eyesight weaker and our skin wrinkled. But worse of all, they can damage our DNA, which then causes major problems like cancer. Anti-oxidants can help our body keep free radicals in check. It clearly makes vitamin C extremely important. It can save us from all these problems.

Vitamin C is very helpful in keeping our heart healthy. It can give you the similar effect as the most of the popular drugs used to keep the heart running. The only difference is that it does not have side effects and also does not make you addictive. It is also helpful in regulating your blood pressure by relaxing the vessels.

With all these benefits, vitamin C is clearly too important for us to ignore. Thus we should take are daily requirement through our diet and ensure a healthier life. But the problem is that having a balanced diet is not very easy nowadays. People are too busy to have proper home cooked meals every time. Eating pizzas and burgers is much more convenient and also interesting for them. But the good news is that you do not necessarily need to have home cooked meals to get your required vitamin C intake. This nutrient is present in too many natural foods and you can eat the one you can easily get access too. A list of the top 10 natural sources of vitamin C is given below.

1.Camu camu berry: If you are talking about good sources of vitamin C, he camu camu berry has to be top in the list. It is the most abundant source of this nutrient. A single teaspoon of its powder will give you about 12 times your daily requirement. So, if you eat even one berry in a day or in 3 to 4 days, you will have more than enough vitamin C in your body.

2.Acerola cherry: It comes at second number in the list for its high content of vitamin C. It contains even less than half as much as camu camu but is still more than enough. One teaspoon of its powder can contain as much as 315 mg of vitamin C. This is more than 5 times the daily requirement. It also has a good taste, so it can be a part of your fruit salad.

3.Red peppers: Citrus fruits are always praised for having large amounts of vitamin C. But no one even talks about red pepper. It contains almost three times the quantity found in orange. You obviously cannot eat red pepper directly. Thus, the best option is to add it to your food. You can prepare home cooked meals and add some red pepper that will be nutritious as well as tasteful for those who like spicy foods.

4.Guavas: There are many fruits that are not appreciated as much as they should be. Guava is one of them. Its taste is not as strong as fruits like mango and orange, but it is very good for health. It has an excellent amount of vitamin C. Just half a cup can give you 188 mg.

5.Kiwi: It is an amazing tropical fruit that has quite recently gained popularity. It is very juicy and soft. Eating a cup full of kiwi slices can give you 176 mg of vitamin C, which is almost 3 times your daily need.

6.Goji berries: Another good source of vitamin C is goji berry. One cup of these berries can give you 144 mg. It is almost twice as much as the daily requirement. Besides that, it also contains many other types of anti-oxidants.

7.Oranges: We have finally come to the fruit that is most popularly associated with vitamin C. One cup of orange will give you 96 mg, which is not too much but is 160% of your daily need.

8.Papaya: Vitamin C is present in a quite decent quantity in papaya. By eating it you will not only get your recommended daily intake, but will also improve your digestion and make your body more hydrated.

9.Strawberries: Most people eat strawberries only for their amazing taste. No one bothers about the health benefits they offer. But you can easily get your daily need of vitamin C from them.

10.Broccoli: Among vegetables, there is no better source of vitamin C than broccoli. It gives you 81 mg from one cup.

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