10 Forbidden Foods In The Modern World

In today’s lifestyle it is very difficult to decide what is good for health and what is not. Everyone is very busy to even check the ingredients of the product as you pick anything from the market in a hurry without even considering its effect on health. The busy life style has forced almost everybody to resort to fast food. Fast food is generally made up of refined flour and sugar or salt and to top it all it is mostly deep fried. All these processes make extremely high in energy and low in nutritional content. When you carefully inspect your lifestyle which is mostly sedentary, you would notice that the requirement of your food do not match the thing that you take as fast food at all. It gives you instantly a surge of glucose which overwhelms your system and repeated overwhelming leads to various diseases such as diabetes, heart problem, kidney and liver problems, obesity and many other such problems which can only be stopped by changing your food habits.

It is a very famous saying “health is wealth” everyone should take care of their health to have a beautiful and healthy life. So it is very important to read the labels before buying any products from the market just to be on the safer side and reduce the chances of getting sick.

As per research in many countries gaining weight or obesity is the bigger problem than malnutrition due to ignorance, habits and busy lifestyle

Here is a list of top 10 foods to avoid for good health



It is known to be made from vegetable oil and it is full of trans fatty acid. People have a myth that it Is a good alternative to butter but its consumption causes blockage of arteries and results in life threatening heart diseases. Researches have shown that trans-fat inhibits the activity of various vital proteins and hence it reduces the immunity of the body to fight against various diseases.

2.Processed meats


Various studies and researches have proved that processed meats cause various heart diseases and cancer and even may lead to premature death. The processed meats contain harmful preservatives that are not good for health and can cause blockage of arteries and blood sugar level increase.

There are numerous researches that have shown that people who eat processed meat are approx 40% at greater risk of premature death than those who eat farm fresh meats.

3.Soft drinks and soda


It is very popular drink among all age groups but has very harmful effects on body. One bottle of soda has about 50 grams of sugar.  It increases the blood sugar level instantly which gets stored in the body as fat and leads to obesity which is a very common disease faced by many people in current lifestyle. Soft drinks can even weaken the bones as it contains phosphoric acid that  inhibits calcium absorption from body

4. Artificial Sweeteners


People think that by using alternatives of natural sugar will help them reduce weight and become healthier. But these artificial sweeteners are very harmful as they are sweeter than natural sugars and elevate the blood sugar level causing diabetes. They many a time even reduce the immunity of the body. Some researchers even say that using artificial sweetener causes cough and cold in the people who are medically compromised such as those suffering from diabetes..

5. Deep- fried foods


Though deep fried foods taste very yummy but they are very unhealthy. Foods like french fries, bread rolls etc are all loved by kids and adults equally but they all contain a lot of trans fat due to deep frying and can lead to type 2 diabetes and coronary heart diseases. Some researches even say the deep-fried foods increase the risk of cancer.

6.Microwave popcorn


it is one of the most popular foods but is equally dangerous for health. Bags of microwave popcorn are lined with chemicals like PFOA which leaks into popcorn when microwaved and can cause diseases like thyroid disorders and infertility and many other such avoidable diseases.

7.Canned foods

though canned foods save a lot of cooking time and have made cooking easier but it is not healthy to eat canned foods as they may contain many harmful preservatives not good for heath specially of kids and may cause hormonal disturbance and problems like nearly onset of puberty obesity and cancer

8.Instant noodles


it is another most popular and addictive food among all age groups. No one bother to know its side effects. It contains preservatives artificial colors and flavors which are very harmful for body. It contains high calories but no nutritional values.

Many researches have shown that instant noodles leads to increased blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and fat and leads to various heart disease, kidney disease, obesity

9.White bread


it is made up of white flour from which all the essential nutrients are removed and only starch is left out which has no role in body health. It just increases the sugar level and leads to diabetes and weight gain.

10. Soy protein


soybeans are generally genetically engineered product and it may contains herbicides which are used to protect them from  the weeds. So when the soy beans are processed it contains these herbicides and causes problems like pregnancy complications, birth defects, miscarriages and cancer.

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