10 Beauty And Health Benefits Of Raw Onions

Onion, from the time immemorial has been helping the mankind by its various medicinal properties. Onion is a rush source of sulfur compounds, flavneoids and antioxidants. The colors of the onion and their intensity of its smell determine many a things about its properties. The red onions are less sweet while the white ones have more sulfur content. Whatever type of onion you choose it is going to be beneficial for you, that is for sure. Here are listed the 10 health and beauty benefits of raw onion

1. For hair growth

The richness of onion in the sulfur content makes it useful in promoting growth of hair. The scalp is has rich network of arteries and capillaries but it needs stimulation for proper blood flow in that area. Sulfur in onion juice provides the required stimulus and helps the scalp become healthier.
Mix juice of one onion with little honey an lavender oil. Massage this mixture into your scalp and leave it overnight or at least for an hour. Wash it thereafter with shampoo. Repeat the process 2-3 times a week till you get the desired results.

2. For diabetics


Diabetes is a deadly lifestyle disease and decreases the quality of life of the people suffering from it. But onion is here to the rescue. The sulfur that found in ample in onion is known to increase the production of insulin in the body and is beneficial for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The chromium in the onion makes it all the more useful for the diabetics as it makes the body more tolerant to glucose. Red onion is especially useful in this condition and should be regularly used by the diabetics.

3. Prevention of cancer


The flavenoids and the phenolic compounds help to ward off the oxygen free radicals that are known to cause cancer. Onion is known to protect human body from the risk of cancer of prostate, breast, lung, ovarian, bladder, colorectal, oral liver and brain. There are several commonly occurring cancers that can be ward off by the regular use of onions. For the people who are at high risk of cancer it is always advisable to use at least one onion per day.

4. Reduces the chances of heart problems


The quercetin present in onion helps to maintain the flexibility of the arteries and keeps the heart healthy. The antioxidant properties of onion make them the most appropriate food for the people who are at higher risk of developing heart problems. The research has determined that onions prevent the clogging and hardening of the arteries leading to a very low level of heart due to low cholesterol. Thus onion boosts the heart health and those who are at a greater risk of heart disease should include onion that too in the raw form to ward it off.

5. Enhance immunity


The use of onion builds strong immunity. This property is attributed to the polyphenols that are present in good quantity in onions. Also the trace element called selenium helps the immunity to function properly. That is it helps immunity to respond in an appropriate manner. The people who experience a lot of overwhelming response of the immune system due to exposure to some foreign material also benefit from the use of onions.
Even the people who are undergoing radiation therapy for cancer get a lot of relief if they have quercetin rich food such as onion and garlic. It reduces the inflammation of the epithelium making the situation more tolerable for them.

6. Improves bone density


The females who are undergoing menopause or have already have finished menopause should definitely include raw onion in their diet to help increase the bone density. These women, due to menopause are always at a higher risk of developing osteoporosis. The women who have been eating onions experience lesser incidence of osteoporosis than those who have never eaten onions. It has been found in the research that such women also experience 20% reduction in the incidence of hip fracture.

7. Respiratory problems


Onions have been known to relieve the symptoms of asthma. One study that was conducted in America has proved that onions help in relaxing the muscles that help in respiration and thus relieve symptoms of asthma. This property of onion is due to the sulfur content and is anti-inflammatory. One thing that must be kept in the mind is that if you are allergic to asparagus you must be very careful while having onion because there has been seen cross allergy for onion in all those who have allergy for asparagus.

8. Health of the oral cavity


Though the onions cause stinking mouth they are actually good for the health of the oral cavity. The sulphur in the raw onions acts as a very good anti bacterial agent and that prevents cavity in the teeth and any gum disease too.

9. Glowing skin


Juice of raw onion makes your skin healthy and glowing as it has quercetin which is very powerful antioxidant preventing acne and wrinkles caused due to sun and pollution.

10. Treatment of lice


The head lice could be a great problem for kids as well as adults who live with kids. Onion juice is a great remedy. You should apply raw onion juice for 2-3 hrs and wash for continuous three days. There after every month to prevent recurrence of lice.

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