10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit (also called as pitaya) tops the chart with maximum health benefits.
This exotic looking fruit is a super food purely because of high antioxidant content. It has a pure white, yellow or red colored flesh with edible seeds and is high source of vitamin c, fatty acids and phosphorus. Among other nutrients are vitamins (B1, B2, B3), soluble fiber, calcium, iron, carotene, protein etc. The fruit contains 80%by volume of water which gives a hydrating effect.

It has amazing anti-inflammatory, antitumor, antibacterial, antiviral and many such properties which helps you fight major illnesses. This makes dragon fruit an essential component of one’s daily diet. The fruit tastes either sweet or sour depending upon the ripeness and can be consumed as a snack, salad, beverage and many other forms. So, next time when making a juice, don’t forget to add dragon fruit.

Here are 10 health benefits of the fruit

1. Eases digestion

Due to high soluble fiber content, dragon fruit helps in regulating bowel movements and prevents any kind of gastrointestinal problem. It aids in digestion and detoxification by promoting growth of probiotics which is found in abundance in red and white dragon fruit.

2. Supports cardiovascular health


It is essential in maintaining healthy tissue in and around the heart. The mono saturated fats and vitamin B3 helps in reducing bad cholesterol. It also helps in reducing high level of oxidative stress.

3. Manage blood sugar level


The soluble fiber content plays a key role in reducing blood sugar level, an increasing problem in today’s lifestyle. It proves to be very useful for diabetic people as it prevents sugar spike. People suffering from type 2 diabetes can benefit with reduced cardiovascular problems.

4. Supports weight loss


A very common problem related to weight loss can be achieved by simply adding dragon fruit in your daily diet. Since it had high fiber content and low cholesterol, it makes you feel full for longer hours reducing snacking habits. It also helps in increasing the metabolic rate and the rich source of vitamin c further enables burning of fat.

5. Boosts immunity


Dragon fruit enhances the immune system as it is a rich source of vitamin c. vitamin c aids in proper functioning of white blood cells and increasing the body immunity as a result there is reduced possibility of acquiring infections like common cold. Dragon fruit is also rich source of various minerals and other vitamins like vitamin b complex and niacin along with high fiber content. Water is one of the major components of the dragon fruit that is essential to drain out all the harmful chemicals and toxins from the body making the functioning of the organs smooth.

6. Prevention of cancer


The dragon fruit is known to have anti tumor properties and this is because it is capable of removing harmful free radicals from the body. The red color of dragon fruit is due to lycopene which is in itself an anti cancer substance.
Carotene is another anti cancerous chemical that is found in dragon fruit and helps reduce the chances of any kind of carcinogenic incidence in the body. It has been proved by studies that ample amount of exercise along with lycopene rich diet makes a person more resistant to the risk of carcinoma of the prostate. The properties of dragon fruit are not limited to prevention of cancer but also help alleviate the symptoms for those undergoing treatment of cancer.

7. Regulates blood pressure.


The potassium content of this fruit from the tropics is very high and this is the reason why it has been found to balance out the sodium and blood. This balancing of sodium brings down the blood pressure level to the normal if dragon fruit is had on a regular basis. You must have dragon fruit two to three times in a week to gain the results in a desired manner.
It has been found that the numerous small seeds found in the dragon fruit are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids have been found to be helpful in decreasing blood pressure even in the chronic cases.

8. Vision protector

Vision is on one hand the most important aspect of the human existence while on the other hand it is also one of the most neglected and badly treated organ. The best carotene found in the dragon fruit helps to retain vision and that too in a healthy manner. The low light and color vision both are influenced positively by the dragon fruit. The corneas remain healthy due to this beta carotene. Even the harmful UV rays cannot harm the eyes if dragon fruit is in your daily diet. The benefits of dragon fruit do not end here; the vitamin C in beta carotene is very effective in maintaining the functioning of the retina of the eye proper.

9. Prevents wrinkles and dark spots

Dragon fruit is full of antioxidants which fight various free radicals generated in our body to affect it adversely. These free radicals are responsible for dark spots, wrinkle and sagging skin. The anti oxidants thus prevent the appearance of the signs of ageing by engulfing the free radicals.

10. Increases the strength of bones


The high phosphorus and calcium content of dragon fruit is essential for bone growth and remodeling. Calcium not only helps in muscle function but also reduces the incidence of twitching. One to two dragon fruits a day should be your mantra for healthy and strong bones.

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